TTBS highlights imperatives of digitization for Enterprises to stay resilient and future -ready

Organises an insightful CXO Roundtable discussion with the theme: “Respond, Reboot and Reinvent” – The New Mindset

Mumbai, August 2021: Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading enabler of connectivity and collaboration solutions for businesses, hosted CXO Round Table Discussion – with the Theme “Respond, Reboot and Reinvent: The New Mindset”.  The forum had an expert panel of thought leaders from different industry segments who shared their experiences as to how they implemented avant-garde changes in their work culture and processes to drive sustainable business models and successfully sail through the difficult time of this pandemic.

The discussion centered around the overall adoption of advanced and affordable technologies to build resilience in the supply chains, scale -up the growth quotient, and boost the customer experience to make businesses competitive and future-ready.  CXO Roundtable is an industry platform developed by TTBS wherein Enterprises secure technological know-how, learn from industry leaders, gain insights, and bring the community together for the overall growth of the sector.

Sharing his thoughts on the subject, Mr. Manish Singh, General Manager, Tata Teleservices said, “The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses in India. Businesses are constantly re-imagining operating models like hybrid working environments and are engaging in multiple activities via multiple devices. Advanced and flexible technology solutions across connectivity, collaboration, and cloud have not only helped firms to be resilient but is also preparing them for sustainable growth in the future.  At TTBS, we are providing enterprises with our most comprehensive portfolio of solutions such as Cloud-based Connectivity solutions, Collaboration solutions, IoT, Data Management, and Cybersecurity solutions across industry segments. These solutions help in building resilience across the value chain and making the distributed workforce more secure and collaborate more efficiently across platforms.”

The industry participants gave leadership insights into the policies they adapted to sustain and grow their organizations despite all the challenges they faced right throughout. Supply chain management, Data security management, Workforce productivity management and Online management of work were some of the key points of discussion.

The session saw industry experts from multiple domains- Mr. Ashish Kothari – Associate Director IT Infrastructure Services IBM, Mr. Mahendran PA – Director of Global IT Operations at Philips, Mr. Nishant Shrivastava- Head Solutions at Tata Communications Limited and Ms. Meena Jha- Head of IT Projects at Tata Steel, Mr. Vijay Rajendran B , Vice President, Information Technology, Olam

Some of the amazing insights shared during the forum which ignited thoughts about new pathways of progress for the industry are as follows:

“I think few of the demands that came to us from our customers were industry-specific. The need for business continuity and security in a work-from-home environment was paramount to their needs. As IBMer’s, we have been working remote or work from home for a long time and we were internally prepared to focus on our customers and employees” said Mr. Ashish Kothari – Associate Director IT Infrastructure Services IBM

“Proactive operations and zero touch solutions and ensure that automation can solve issues and help the hybrid model well, “said Mr. Mahendran PA – Director of Global IT Operations at Philips.

“We worked for hand in hand with our customers to enable applications based on cloud and hybrid. The focus was on employee and customer connect and government through unified communications” said Mr. Nishant Shrivastava- Head Solutions at Tata Communications Limited.

“Our ability to change fast will be possible only if we are able to fail fast quickly innovate and reduce the cost of infrastructure by adopting a new set of technologies like cloud and automating the process,” said Mr. Vijay Rajendran B, Vice President, Information Technology, Olam

The moderator for the event, Meena Jha- Head of IT Projects at Tata Steel said “We might have a lot of raw potential in terms of AI, Blockchain, Bots and so many things but the agility cannot come if we are not on cloud.”

The discussion ignited a new spark in the minds of not only the participants for outperforming themselves in their own spaces in the industry but also brought to light the fact that the never say dying spirit and adoption of innovative procedures and technologies can certainly help chart out a new success saga for all organizations fighting to survive amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Tata Teleservices Limited along with its subsidiary Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited (NSE: TTML, BSE:  532371) (Tata Teleservices) is a growing market leader in the Enterprise space. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice, data, and managed services to enterprises and carriers in the country under the brand name Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS). Tata Teleservices has an extensive, high-quality, and robust wireline network and offers its products and services in more than 60 cities across India. Tata Teleservices has one of the largest enterprise-focused teams in the industry with deep customer engagement and technology orientation offering focused sales and service experience to customers. Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited is listed on BSE and NSE in India.

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