Tata Tele Business Services highlights the role of IoT in Business Transformation


Mumbai, January 2022: Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading B2B digital services provider, hosted its flagship industry forum CXO Round Table discussion on “IOT – The journey towards Business Transformation.” Considering changes due to COVID-19 which led enterprises to rethink, redesign, and re-imagine their operations in a new mode of constant transition and remote work environment, the round table invited technology experts and industry veterans from multiple sectors across the country.

The discussion centered on how COVID-19 is driving SMEs to adapt, evolve, and pivot with technology. How the leadership team needs to take charge and understand the foundation for a neo business perspective by adopting the latest means of technology. The focus is to drive visibility of the market trends and build profitable growth strategies for the new hybrid normal.

Besides, TTBS representatives, the notable speakers at the forum were JK Sinha, Founder – Healwell24 Ltd.,  Gauri Navalkar, Head Business, UV life sciences, Tejas Shah, Deputy Director, IT at SVKM, Amey Katkar, Founder at Toucan India, Abhishek Kumar, Founder, HMED, Sharad Saraf, MD, 3S Synergy Capital Advisor.

Sharing his views on the subject, Mr. Manish Singh, General Manager, Tata Teleservices said, “The pandemic has necessitated the digital transformation of businesses and there has been remarkable growth in adoption of Cloud-based solutions, Collaboration solutions, AI and IoT, Data Management solutions that allow enterprises to integrate, secure and manage data efficiently. With stricter norms for social distancing, IoT and AI will see more use cases as these technologies give organizations the ability to develop new business models which offer endless benefits.  We believe the IoT market will grow exponentially, and we will continue to strengthen our IoT services as per our customers’ requirements.”

Ms. Gauri Navalkar, Head Business, UV Lifesciences, said, “COVID has created the possibility to reach out to customers directly, allowing for technology-assisted awareness, reminders, follow-up, and counseling. IoT devices will produce a better customer experience in the coming days as the complete ecosystem of AI evolves. Technology and data must be processed to reap benefits for the end customer”

The evolution of technologies like IoT, as well as consumer acceptance, is assisting businesses in seeing the potential of connecting things. As a result, businesses are digitally altering their business models to improve value delivery and efficiency.

Based on the idea of IoT-enabled business transformation and the increased accessibility of smart-connected technology, underlying IoT technologies like Advanced Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Edge Apps will share a major role in developing solutions across industries and sectors.

Key takeaways:  

The discussion brought to light the fact, that the Internet of Things is the future, and it will play a critical role in the health sector in the next few years. Unlike in the past, tier 3-4 cities will now contribute to the country’s overall technological change, benefiting the country’s hinterlands. Technology improves the overall experience by reducing execution time, cost, reporting, and feedback. It is just as critical to properly analyse data and its applications as it is to create it. As with healthcare, technology can play a role in allowing anyone to contact a service provider directly without paying a middleman, or an aggregator. Data stored on the server can be used across the platform via secure connections without impairing company operations, resulting in a seamless communication experience.

To avoid miscommunication and confusion during the digital migration from offline to online to a virtual world, training and thorough documentation are required. Technology enables us to monitor the health of the business by examining the dashboard and technical metrics.

About Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices Limited along with its subsidiary Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited (NSE: TTML, BSE:  532371) (Tata Teleservices) is a growing market leader in the Enterprise space. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice, data, and managed services to enterprises and carriers in the country under the brand name Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS). Tata Teleservices has an extensive, high-quality, and robust wireline network and offers its products and services in more than 60 cities across India. Tata Teleservices has one of the largest enterprise-focused teams in the industry with deep customer engagement and technology orientation offering focused sales and service experience to customers. Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited is listed on BSE and NSE in India.

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