Tata Tele Business Services highlights significance of ‘Smart Internet’ in Growth of SMEs in India


Mumbai, February, 2022: Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading B2B digital services provider, hosted its flagship industry forum CXO Round Table discussion on “Smart Internet – The engine of SME Growth.” Considering changes due to COVID-19 which led enterprises to rethink, redesign, and re-imagine their operations in a new mode of constant transition and remote work environment, the round table invited technology experts and industry veterans from multiple sectors across the country.

The discussion centred on how COVID-19 is driving SMEs to adapt, evolve, and pivot with technology. How the leadership team needs to take charge and understand the foundation for a neo business perspective by adopting the latest means of technology. The focus is to drive visibility of the market trends and build profitable growth strategies for the new hybrid normal.

The notable participant speakers as well as TTBS representatives for the event were Ritesh Seth, Teleprudence RealTEL (OPC) Pvt Ltd; V Kumar, Europe Assistance; Sangeet Hemant Kumar, SHK Ventures; Sameer Patil, Travotel.com, Ashish Karmad, Hansa Research Group  Pvt Ltd .

Sharing his views on the subject, Mr. Manish Singh, General Manager, Tata Teleservices said, “Businesses need robust, seamless, and secure connectivity to communicate and transact over the internet. Basic ILL services do not extend beyond connectivity and businesses need smart network which offers protection , manageability and control.  TTBS has developed Smart Internet with an endeavour to minimize cyber-attacks encountered by businesses especially SMBs and provide them with seamless connectivity entrusted with advanced security at an affordable price. With Smart Internet, businesses can now easily access bandwidth -heavy applications on our highly- secured and high-performance network with real time usage control and manageability to enhance their productivity.”

Mr. Ritesh Seth, Teleprudence RealTEL (OPC) Pvt Ltd, said, “Smart Internet has transformed a home into an enterprise. Today, when people are connected virtually in a real world, IoT devices like Android landline and video door phones requires a solid and capable internet system. A trusted digital gatekeeper for home and for office are required to leverage the technological needs for business transformation. The priorities is to provide solutions with connected devices and ensure privacy inclusion for employees and the employer’s data security. Enterprise solutions from TTBS are real-time enabler and help in effective and efficient deliverables”.

Mr. V Kumar, Europe Assistance, said, “Although Digital Normal has added a personal touch, but we expect that the modern ICT ecosystem’s progress will close the human aspect gap. The right combination of human intelligence and AI highlighting the real potential of automation, similarly hybrid work culture emerges as the key method to proceed further in the ecosystem”

Mr Sangeet Hemant Kumar, SHK Ventures, said, “Real estate is an industry that lacks CRM, a digitized process, and automation to keep in touch with customers. In order to improve the client experience in a changing environment, they had to digitize the entire process. Drone technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality should be used to showcase real estate developments to NRIs and HNIs in order to increase sales. Right now, technology is the most important driver of real estate, and smart internet will enhance the virtual experience for customers. Although, technology enables us to drive the entire sales process. We have IoT, Big Data, 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, Drone, AI, Blockchain Technology, CRM equipped with Smart Internet for a consistent customer experience.

Mr Sameer Patil, Travotel.com, said, “The travel and hospitality industry has suffered the most, overall staff has been reduced to 80-90% but with the help of technology, automation, CRM, operations have been carried out efficiently even with limited workforce by digitizing the workforce running on smart Internet.”

Mr Ashish Karmad, Hansa Research Group  Pvt Ltd, “The market research industry which relied heavily on data collection, had been stalled as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Decision to make a paradigm shift and in order to stay in the business, digital adoptions have been made.  They were able to reconnect with people in order to collect data, and with the help of digitization, they were able to restore 70-80% of normalcy back again.”

Key takeaways:

Adaptation of new communication and collaboration technology becomes more critical in today’s world, whether travel, hospitality, real estate, or market research agency. Giving a seamless customer experience with robust security is only possible when we have a stable IT infrastructure. The android devices’ IoT products that cater to the need of the hour and help different sectors carry out the operations, have the Smart Internet as a reliable source. Covid has pushed SMEs and customers’ entire digital transformation and adaptation process. The major challenge was managing the team remotely, but CRM, with seamless internet connectivity, made it possible to increase the performance and track the remote working. ICT ecosystem with improved infrastructure has to work closely to give customers and partners a seamless experience.

About Tata Teleservices:

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