How learning can be effective?

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Today, education is the single most important thing that everyone looks for and thinks of getting the best possible one. It is also correct that everyone gets an education in one or the other form but quality and effective learning is what very few people get.

Learning and getting educated can be in various ways and methods and as a whole, it totally depends on the student and learners. In this pandemic, where we have moved from conventional learning to online learning. Online learning seems to be more effective. For example, Cyboard online school is a wholly 100% online school, focused on providing an effective learning experience.

How can be learning to be effective? If you see, it totally depends on how your kid, child, student understand, learn, grasp, and do things to make learning an effective tool for themselves.

In this article, we will discuss and let our readers understand and take steps to make learning effective for their kids. Let’s quickly dive into the topic to know more about it.

If you are a student or a learner, you have a limited time, and you should try and make your education and learning effective at any cost. Students need to remember quickly, get their doubts clear, be able to link one topic to another, and so forth. Becoming an efficient & effective learner doesn’t happen overnight, it requires a lot of hard work and toiling.

Here are few tips on how to make learning effective :

Set your goals and make them clear. Setting your goals and achievement is one of the very first things a student should do. Be it topping the class, clearing the exam with distinction, etc. Goals can be short-term or long-term. Try writing your goals on a post-note and stick it near your study desk, rooms, etc. The more effective learning methods your child develop, the more likely they are to learn quickly.

  • Read, understand, re-think, memorize, revise. The golden rule for every student and learning. If you want to make your learning effective then make sure to follow these rules. Never rote learn and always understand and then think and apply your own brains and thought to it.
  • Learn and write creatively. There is no one rule for learning and studying. Use your own abbreviation to remember easily, create mind maps, connect the dots, think the other way, etc.
  • Club theory learning with practical learning. Earlier times were focused on theory without any practical knowledge for the same. But now the demand is practical knowledge and experience. To bring in an effective learning experience, you need to follow these methods. A 21st-century demands.
  • Ask questions. Be it in school, college, institutions, students, and learners can always put up a question or ask questions. A sense of curiosity should be there for students. The more curious the more ideas they develop.
  • Group discussion, viva, team participation, debate. As correctly it is said, the more you argue and discuss a topic with more people the more you get to know new ideas. This is very true. Students & learners must follow this tip. Effective learning can be developed similarly.
  • Study in a relaxed and free mood. This way your learning can become more effective, efficient, productive. While studying, minds should be free and clear of any distractions. These are few effective learning techniques.
  • Understand how your child learns the best. No other person knows their child better than their parents. Parents can exactly figure out, what their kids want, how to mold them, and so forth. Kids parents can understand their learning methods and interest and target them accordingly.
  • Stop multi-tasking and let them focus on a single task at a time. Multi-tasking can degrade concentration levels in kids over time, it is recommended that parents make their kids focus on a single task. Doing a single work at a time enhances the productivity and understanding level. This way learning also becomes effective and efficient for the child.
  • Adopt progressive learning methods rather than regressive learning methods. Progressive learning is a futuristic way of learning, kids will give more attention to it rather than regressive methods which is harsh and detrimental to kid’s mental health and physical well-being.
  • Always add breaks, naps in between the child’s schedule. Kids are fragile and too much of stress is not welcomed, they need polite and gentle well-being and bringing up techniques. Be it in learning or even eating or any other activity, treat your child nicely, they are more likely to follow what their parents say or tell them to do.


There are numerous ways to make a student’s learning effective and efficient but, in the end, it all depends on how the student takes and grasps things. Parents play a huge role here, wherein they can always motivate, and influence their child to study and learn better each day. Remember each child is special in some or another way and requires different techniques for different child and it is totally normal. What you teach your child today becomes his future tomorrow. Having discussed and detailed, hope we have answered and cleared the doubts that our readers were looking for. We have diligently provided most of the useful tips and tricks to make learning effective for your child.

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